Lecture and quiet rooms

There are three kinds of rooms: virtual, hybrid, and quiet rooms.

  • The virtual rooms run exclusively on Zoom (see the virtual area). All the sessions in virtual rooms are fully online, that is, all the participants (speakers, chairs and attendees) are online.
  • The hybrid rooms are associated with both physical and virtual rooms. They generally accommodate hybrid sessions where some speakers are in-person, and some are online. The attendees can be either in-person or online. Hybrid rooms can be used for fully in-person or fully virtual sessions. This is indicated in the programme by adding "(in-person)" or "(virtual)" after the session's title.
  • The quiet room can be used by the in-person participants to participate in virtual sessions with their laptops and headphones.

Physical Rooms

All the physical rooms are located at the Plesso Belmeloro of the Univeristy of Bologna (via Beniamino Andreatta 14). The opening, keynote and closing talks will take place in the room Aula B-H1. The hybrid sessions will take place in the rooms Aula C-H2, D-H3, E-H4, F-H5, G-H6, P-H7 and H-H8. The Aula I-Q9 is a quiet room.