ERS IASC Young Researchers Award

To promote the participation of Early Career Investigators (ECI), IASC-ERS will offer up to three prizes, each worth 500,00 Euro (five hundred Euro), for the three best contributions submitted by ECIs (within eight years of their PhD award).

The chairs of the Compstat 2022 SPC have appointed, in agreement with the BoD ERS Chairperson, the following jury of 3 members who take responsibility for the choice of prizewinners:

Cristian Gatu, as IASC-ERS chairman.
Enea Bongiorno, representing of the Local Organizing Committee.
Maria Brigida Ferraro, representing of the Scientific Programme Committee.

The SPC chairpersons (Alessandra Luati and Maria Brigida Ferraro) and the chairman of IASC-ERS (Cristian Gatu) will present the prizes at the closing session.

It is not possible to split the prizes. A contribution is eligible to the prize if more than half of its authors, including the presenting author, are ECIs as defined above. In the case of two authors, both of them must be ECIs. There is only one prize for each prize-winning contribution independently from the number of authors.

Candidates can submit their application, including the presentation, by e-mail to by the 31st of July 2022.